Ephesians 6 :  5-8

"Serve with sincerity of
heart...doing the will of
God from your heart.  
Serve wholeheartedly,
as if you were serving
the Lord, not men,
because you know that
the Lord will reward
everyone for whatever
good he does."
Serve Outdoors, Inc is a nonprofit organization
directed by Al Smith to work with communities,
business, and organizations for the purpose of
organizing outdoor events for people with
disabilities and youngsters.  
"We make a living by
what we get, we make a life
by what we give."

Winston Churchill
Benefiting the local community
By joining with many partners in the community everyone benefits.  
These events create good will throughout the local area.  They are
designed to be safe, fun, educational, and will receive positive reviews
by the local media.
Serve Outdoors, Inc.
About Us
Many people with
disabilities would like to
experience outdoor
recreation.  Often they
have never had the
opportunity or the
assistance to do so.

Youngsters don't have
the same opportunities
as their fathers and
grandfathers had to
learn outdoor skills and
even more importantly
they need to be taught
ethics, safety, and
respect for wildlife

Our elders depended on
our abundant natural
resources to enhance
their lives.  They need
some help to experience
and relive those days
gone past.

Veterans with
disabilities deserve
everything we can give
them.  Many veterans
are returning home with
a disability and will want
to return to the woods
and waters and now may
need a little help from
their friends.

Q: How is Serve Outdoors funded?

Serve Outdoors runs on a shoestring budget.  There is no
corporate office building, no field staff salaries, no overpaid TV
spokesperson...all funds raised go toward completing the mission!
Grant funding is sought and money donated by individuals and
chapters helps with the organizations expenses.

Q:  Where does the money go that is raised by the chapters?

Most of the money raised by a chapter stays with the individual
chapter!  Each chapter has its own bank account in which the
chapter officers are responsible for.
Serve Outdoors pays for the Event Liability insurance for each
chapter and their nonprofit status.  Tax returns are filed on behalf
of each chapter.  Each chapter is asked to contribute to Serve
Outdoors their share of these expenses.

Q:  Are all the events done by Serve Outdoors chapters?

No!  Serve Outdoors hosts several events each year without an
affiliated chapter in the local area.  Many groups that help with
these non-chapter events are already affiliated with another
organization and sometimes a private business wants to partner
with Serve Outdoors in hosting an event.  These events are funded
by money from the local community and also by Serve Outdoors.

Q:  Do you have to be a member to participate?

No!  Serve Outdoors is open to all.  There is no membership fee.

Q:  How much does it cost to register for an event?

Nothing!  However, participants must purchase their own hunting
or fishing license and pay for any lodging needed.  
Sometimes sponsorship money can be used to help defray these
costs to the participants.
"You're happiest while
you're making the
greatest contribution."
Robert F. Kennedy
American Prosthetics and Orthotics
supports Serve Outdoors!
Thank you APO!
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